About This Blog

I’ve always started blogs but have never been able to be consistent with them, however, I have found a solution. Filminist is a combination of two passions I have film and women’s rights and feminism. The latter is a passion I hope to shape into a career where I can help all women and continue to be an advocate for them. On this blog I will review movies from a feminist perspective, evaluating their representation of women and feminist issues and topics. Analyses will look at:

note: I claim two issues that I look at in this list, one being that I am a woman, and the second being that I am neurodivergent, as I have extreme ADHD

  • The overall depiction of women in a film and how they are portrayed (ARE there even women in the film? Do they play a substantial role? Is the Bechdel test passed?)
  • Women of color (Is the film solely made up of white women? Are the women of color treated the same as white women in the film or are they inferior? What is the ratio of women of color to white women in the film?)
  • Subverting and/or Indulging in sexist tropes and stereotypes (are the women in the film simply there as sex objects? Do the women in the film reinforce or deter from stereotypes?)
  • Relationships (Are the women in the film abused? Are there healthy friendships and relationships?)
  • Sexuality (Are there lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or other nonstraight women in the  film? Are these women portrayed seriously or as a joke? Are they mocked or ridiculed? Do they have plot value beyond their sexuality? Are there trans women in the film? Are the trans women in the film portrayed by transgender actresses or cis gender actors?)
  • Neurodivergence (Are there neurodivergent women in the film? Are they portrayed in a positive light or a light other than mockery or shame?)
  • Disability (Are there disabled women in the film? How are they portrayed?)
  • Language (Slurs? Sexist or derogatory language?)

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